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Hand Protection Survey

ASA Safety Supply provides site survey services to aid our customers and their customers in ensuring the correct hand protection for the job task.

We begin by evaluating the current protection usage and safety procedures within the targeted work group or application area. Our trained salesmen review customer-provided documentation of hand-related injuries over a specific time period as well as the related treatment and costs. We also look at company safety training practices.

ASA Safety Supply experts observe and document on the job risks. For example, when evaluating hand protection, we assess the related risks – chemical, cut, mechanical, high heat, product contamination, etc.

Based on this evaluation, our experts make product recommendations to ensure that the right hand products are used for each task application-both for safety and to enhance worker comfort and performance. Site surveys can also lead to the development of new and custom products.

ASA Safety Supply works with the customer to develop a hand protection standardization process which will enhance the safety of the work environment. What we often find is that no hand protection is in use even though it is required or that the incorrect hand protection products are used with regard to protection need.  In some cases, we have recommended plant wide site surveys and subsequent training initiatives.

A site survey results report details the product recommendations and potential safety improvements as well as opportunities for hand protection cost savings initiatives. For example, a simple change in hand protection product selection can save up to 15% in related costs.