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Pacific Handy Cutter SN-195 All Purpose Utility Knife with Replacement Blades

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The SN-195 All-Purpose Utility Knife is constructed from high quality die cast metal and features a over lock nose for better blade stability. This durable utility knife has three cutting positions, uses both SB-92 or SPS-92 Standard Blades and HB-96 Hook Blades.
  • High quality die cast metal body
  • Over lock nose for blade stability
  • Variable cutting positions
  • Includes one SB-92 Standard Utility Blades
  • Fits SB-92, SPS-92 and HB-96 Blades
Replacement Blades:

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The SB-92 Standard Utility Blades are high quality steel and hold a very sharp edge that lasts longer than other brands. These are ideal for tough jobs and complement our industrial line of PHC utility knives. The SB-92 Blades have the universal two-notch design and fit most standard utility knives on the market. The blades are packaged in a box of 100 blades and placed into tucks of five. For added convenience and safety the SB-92 Blades can also be purchased in our QBD-324 Blade Dispenser.
  • Standard size utility blades
  • High quality steel - very sharp
  • Packed in paper tucks of 5
  • Box of 100 Blades
  • Proudly made in the USA

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The HB-96 Hook Blade is high quality steel and holds a very sharp edge that lasts longer than other brands. With the universal two-notch blade they fit most standard utility knives on the market and are perfect for cutting roofing, linoleum, carpets and much more. They are wrapped in tucks of five blades and packaged together in a box of 100 blades.

  • Fits most standard utility knives
  • Heavy duty
  • Super sharp
  • Box of 100